Our Mission

Long an advocate for community engagement, UCCGF believes in what leaders within the United Church of Christ call “radical hospitality.” To that end we have for decades lent our support to local and regional service initiatives dedicated to inclusion, equality, and social justice.

In the 21st Century, UCCGF was instrumental in founding the interfaith outreach groups CATCH (Congregations Acting Together for Change and Hope). Since its founding CATCH has led a Walk for Children, a Walk Against Hunger, supported and anti-bullying policies and legislation locally and at the State level, coordinated local gardening projects to provide healthy foods to those without, and passed an anti-fracking resolution in response to the ongoing Oil Boom in western North Dakota.

As these initiatives suggest, our Mission is supported by four pillars:

Each of these pillars support each other and interconnect in a variety of ways giving UCCGF a framework for addressing a broad range of social justice questions in the community.